Mid-season Tournament 3 Coming Up

Good morning summoners!

I hope you've been having happy holidays! We've got a bit of fun coming up on Saturday starting at 1PM Pacific time. The third mid-season tournament will commence.  All participating teams must be in LRSS chat ready to play with their teams at least 10 minutes before the contest begins.  Registration will be open until 12:50PM on Saturday at which time the bracket will be released for this tournament.  All teams will play for 3-5 rounds, either a round robin or swiss-style tournament. 

Mid-season Tournament 2 Tomorrow! Bracket Inside

Good evening summoners!

We've got a bit of fun coming up on Saturday starting at 1PM Pacific time! The second mid-season tournament commences with 9 competing teams.  All participating teams must be in LRSS chat ready to play with their teams at least 10 minutes before the contest begins.  Below you will find the bracket for this swiss-style tournament.  Note that while Heavy Petting won't be playing in the first round, they will be playing from the second round on!

Winners & the upcoming Mid-season tournament on Saturday

Thank you to all of the teams that showed up this past weekend for the tournament Friday and Saturday.  There was a lot of confusion created by our change in format and schedule that collided with team attendance, and we apologize.  However, it's been a great learning opportunity for us.  Nonetheless, we want to congratulate our first place winner Team Tempestuous and the runner-up Dumpster Fire! Both teams were extremely diligent and patient to the end. We will be awarding participating teams circuit points shortly. 


Mid-season Tournament Begins! [Bracket]

Good afternoon summoners,


Following is the bracket with the first round matches.  Please get in contact with the opposing team's captain and play your first best-of-1 match before tomorrow Saturday at 10AM Pacific time. 

Report the results back via email or PM.




If you win your first round, you will advance on to the second round tomorrow Saturday at noon Pacific time. 

Good luck! 


Mid-season Tournament Coming Up!

Good evening summoners,

We've got our first ever mid-season tournament coming up this Saturday (and Sunday, if need be)!  Instructions on how to opt-in are below.  Please have your teams ready to play at 11 am Pacific time, sitting in the LRSS lobby.  The rewards will include circuit points for the top three placing teams from each division. This is a GREAT way for your team to jump ahead in the circuit point race so you can make top 8 to get into the end-of-season tournament, which of course will offer tons of RP prizes and Triumphant Ryze!

Congrats to the S4 Opening Tournament Winners!

I am proud to announce the winners of our first-ever opening tournament! Fifteen teams signed up to compete, but only two were crowned the victors.  Please join me in congratulating Team Tempestuous from the upper division and Team Such Wow from the lower division!  The former will be receiving $20 RP and the latter will get 975 skins of their choice.  Circuit point rewards have been handed out for all of the participating teams.

Upcoming Tournament Details

Hello Summoners,

As you may already know we have our opening tournament coming up this Saturday. For this tournament we are cutting off sign ups at 8am Pacific on Saturday morning.  After that time we will aim to post the brackets and schedule as soon as possible. 
We strongly recommend that you check out the rules page at http://lrss.co/rules.  Two of the key rules to note are:


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