About the LRSS

The goal of the LoL Rising Stars Series is to create and empower a community that is interested in learning about the nuances of competitive play through experience without necessarily requiring a high level of skill within League of Legends--and to have fun while doing so!

The LRSS consists of two leagues for the average League of Legends players to compete in teams, shoutcast, stream, scrim, play in end-of-season tournaments, and more.  This is a chance for anyone from bronze and up to participate in competitions just like the pros! We have mentors and coaches, a system for helping players seek teams, mid-season mini-tournaments, and more. 

We have two divisions (although an Open division will be coming soon!):

  • Upper Division, where anyone platinum and lower can participate (teams must have an average LKS of 1800 or lower)
  • Lower Division, where anyone silver and bronze can participate (teams must have an average LKS of 1200 or lower) 

(Unranked players are given a default LKS of 1100.)

Players You will get to play with a team that trains together week in and out, working hard to earn your team points! You'll get to participate in a ladder with tournament qualifications at the end of the seasons, and potentially have your matches livestreamed and shoutcasted for others to watch.
Streamers You'll be able to stream league games that are viewed by a wide audience in a comfortable low-pressure setting. You will also have the opportunity to cast!




Seasons last about 6-8 weeks, and at the end of each season is the official tournament (which only the top 8 teams will qualify for)! Check out more information via the Tournament tab above.