Congrats to S4 Winners and Indefinite Hiatus Information

Good afternoon Summoners,


First, I would like to congratule the champions of Season 4--Team Tempestuous! They've been with us the whole way through thick and thin, so it's no surprise that we have this fabulous team as the victors. Second, I bring news of a different nature.  

Whether you are just joining the LRSS or you've seen it through nearly a year of action-packed fun, I hope that you will at least find that the LRSS has been a positive influence on your life.  It has always been our goal to form a great community for our fellow players to be a part of, and in that regard we have succeeded.  Our community has been through good times and bad times, prevailing through both to become nothing but a stronger group of friends.  We have also striven to give average-level players a competitive and educational experience and (thanks to a lot of hard work cracking down on smurfs) have also been successful.  In season 2, we even got Cloud 9 and Velocity eSports to scrim against the winners of our tournaments! And throughout the months, we've been able to award nearly 10 fabulous teams with Triumphant Ryze (and RP, of course!).  

So without further adieu I would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to every part of our group--from the staff, to the volunteers, to the players, and beyond.  

At this time, the LRSS is going to be suspended indefinitely.  We are nearly finished with the new website revamp, so I doubt this is the last you'll see of us.  But for now, and perhaps until summer brings new interests in our type of event, we will take a rest.  

If you'd like to notified when we become active again, feel free to sign up on the mailing list to the right.  

Until then, good luck summoners!

Lady Lexie